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Logos/Brand Images

My next objective was to come up with some sort of brand image or logo, which customers would automatically associate with Pullinger Engineering when they see it. My initial thought was to create some form of mascot for Pullinger Engineering, I learnt from my research before hand that mascots are becoming a successful branding opportunity. To go about this I drew a few sketches I thought would be good and edited them in illustrator to make them better. This was a relatively new technique for me so had a few problems working out how to it effectively, but when I got the rang of it I was pleased with my final outcome. This is the favourite mascot I produced:

I enjoyed creating this mascot and have used it in this project, however it does not play an important role in my designs as I wasn’t satisfied with the designs I created to go with the mascot. Therefore I made different design styles which I do not believe this mascot fits into very well.

I then focused on producing new images for logo ideas, trying to come up with something which will work well as part of a theme. I decided on creating an image of a cake; not only does it represent Pullinger Engineering, but I can also decorate it to match my colour scheme. I produced this image in illustrator.

This was my finished design, however I thought there was a bit too much detail to incorporate it as a logo. I therefore removed the ‘P’ shaped candle and the cake stand to make it more simple. This left me with just the cake, which would work well as a logo, and can be used effectively in all my designs.


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