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Critical Reflection – The beginning

To ensure this project was completed to a professional standard, my client and I worked together throughout to ensure my designs where matching his desire. Pullinger Engineering was previously dedicated to selling its products to suppliers, whereas now it hopes to sell to straight to customers. In order to attract this new target market, my client thought it would be a good idea to create a new-look to his company. This would involve me creating a new website, business cards, and a catalogue which can be sent to potential customers.

I believe that creating a colour scheme is very  important for businesses reaching out to new customers as it helps them remember your brand, and differentiate you from competitors. My first step was to research what makes a successful look in the industry; I discovered that similar companies to Pullinger Engineering use a blend of light colours, such as pink, white, and yellow. This research founded a base for me to work on as I created initial designs for logos and brand images. However in order to make the designs stand out, I decided to add brown to the colour scheme as I believe the colours would work well together and also be associated with the cake industry.


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