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Creating a Successful eCommerce site.

I am creating an eCommerce website as part of my Major Practical Project. I am yet to produce one before so must research how to make it a success.

After looking at current eCommerce sites, large and small scale, and researching what makes a successful one, I have devised a few questions that should help me:

  1. Is it easy to find the product you are looking for? – I should ensure all products are under categories, and labelled correctly
  2. Is all the information you need clearly displayed? – Some websites only display a single line of text relating to the product. If this should be the case for mine, I would need to insert a tab which will allow customers to view more detail such as sizes and specifications relating to the product.
  3. Are you informed of delivery or additional charges prior to purchase? – If delivery, VAT, Tax or additional price is not displayed this can be confusing and misleading for the customer. So I will make the full price clear from the start.
  4. Do you feel the transaction is secure? –  When a customer enters in their personal details and credit card number this needs to be carried out under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or https. They need to feel confident that their details are safe, therefore the web design must be up to a professional standard.
  5. Are you shown larger images if required? – If you have larger product images show them to your customer, even alternative views of the product. Often customers want to see the back of products or zoom in too see more detail. I should show the customer everything the product has to offer.
  6. Is the whole process simple and easy to use? – Do not force the customer to login to make a purchase, unless it is a membership site. A customer does not want to go through the procedure  . They need an instant confirmation email of the product purchased and if possible delivery details. - A very popular eCommerce site


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