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Planning to build!

The website is the main feature of this project so I must plan how I am actually going to build it. After this I will then start designing logos/business cards etc. I will be designing and building my own WordPress theme, using Photoshop for creating the look and layout and Dreamweaver for making it web accessible. More information about theme development in WordPress:

My next step will involve researching what makes a successful website, giving me more knowledge and inspiration to help me create a great final piece..

The User:

The reason a website exists is to serve the person who has chosen to visit it, it should be productive, memorable and frustration free. One that enables a user to get to the information that they want as quickly and easily as possible. The site should allow the user to get to each piece of information that they may want as simply and quickly as possible. This is done by removing diversions, trivialities and by honing in on the core message.

The Client:

The client knows their business best, they know their customers and their motivations, therefore the designer must deliver to their objectives. Asking lots of questions is vital to ensure the brief and the objectives are understood so that real business growth can be delivered. And throughout the design process, the communication lines should be used regularly.

The Design:

Keeping the design simple is key, web users have short attention spans. If the website does not immediately attract the customer and tell them what they want, they will move on in frustration. It is important to make room for white space on the page through a combination of imaginative layout and typography. Distractions on the page should be avoided, a home page that takes time to load and then has no information except a clever graphic is just a waste of time.

The Content:

Most people will not read beyond a first sentence or a paragraph on the internet, the average user only reads 28% of text on a web page. People scan for the main points and then move on, therefore content must be clear, concise and to the point.

The Delivery

The final piece in the jigsaw, a live website that makes it easy for users to use it. Focusing on getting a clear message across and, most importantly, delivers growth for your client’s business.




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