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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The client I am re-branding for owns a  company which engineers and sells cake decoration materials (random I know). As it is such a specified business, there is a limit to the inspiration I can gather from its competitors alone. Therefore I will look at companies further afield from that specific area.

Here are a few links to competitors sites, I don’t find any very appealing and hope to produce something a lot better:

Here are my favorites:

These sites obviously have a clear theme… pink! However they are not serving the same purpose of what my client is needs, so will not necessarily need to make my website the same colour, although I think light colours will be needed (will be discussing colour scheme with client). Cake craft have a very nice slideshow as their man feature on their page which I believe is effective, while Ruth’s brownie kitchen uses large images throughout the website to show off it’s products. The only thing that slightly puts me off Cake Craft’s site is that they have not used grids, and most things are out of line with each other throughout its pages. I like using grids in my designs as I believe it makes them more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer!

Logos are very important when it comes to a brand, it can make or break a business. Logos can be really simple, or very complex and still be effective. I like the one below as it is memorable and has a nice colour scheme, for me that makes an effective logo!

Cake Craft Shop

Ruth's Brownie Kitchen

Leslies Cakes Logo

Business Card


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